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Optimal business processes

Efficient, economical and clean business processes contribute to the improved quality of our living environment. These aspects are central to the energy covenant that the cattle feed industry and the government have agreed upon. Twilmij has also made a commitment to this.

Case studies:

  • Our main objective is to lower annual energy usage per tonne of feed produced by 2% compared with the base year 2011. To date, Twilmij has more than achieved this, partly thanks to the installation of new, energy-efficient machines and replacing traditional lighting with LED lamps.
  • Since our extensive expansion and remodelling in 2015/2016, we have more bulk silos for raw material, which have drastically decreased the waste stream of bale packaging, and physical stress for employees.
  • The solar panels that were installed on the production hall roof mid-2017, will provide a quarter of the total electricity needs.
  • With regard to logistics, Twilmij cooperates with two transportation companies. Their trucks comply with the highest environmental standards (Euro 6).