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Core Values

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Satisfied customers are our goal. Fulfilling their wishes is the basis of how we think and act. Twilmij puts its customers and relations first. All our business operations are focused on optimally satisfying our customers’ wishes and requirements. The norm is getting it right first time, both for you and us. We keep to our agreements, guaranteed. Our core for your success!

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Reliability equals confidence in us. Saying what we do and doing what we say is the basis for our business reputation and further growth. Twilmij was founded over 50 years ago and has since developed into a reputable company. Stability and constancy are obviously appreciated. Our entire focus is on the production of premixes. That is a clear and transparent direction, which is recognised by our customers and which we aim to maintain in the future.

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Success always depends on people. Twilmij encourages its employees to develop in personal and entrepreneurial terms. Twilmij feels that people who can think and work proactively are absolutely key for success. Responsibility, initiative and control of the whole process are the main factors in this.

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Success comes from knowledge and expertise. For Twilmij, knowledge of animal feed and animal health is crucial. Deepening and sharing knowledge means improved success.
Twilmij not only aims to develop in-house knowledge about the additives we use, but also about animal feed for all the various animal groups. This knowledge is consistently high due to constant training as well as intensive cooperation with our relations.


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Efficient, flexible business operations are also a factor in our success. Twilmij continuously invests in innovations which optimise its business processes. These processes include order input, invoicing, optimisation as well as automating planning and production. Optimum business processes offer safety, quality and continuity.