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Twilmij. The answer.

How? What? With which? How much? Which? Healthy animals that perform well. That's what drives us. Just like you - as a feed manufacturer or farmer. That ambition hasn't changed since we were founded more than 50 years ago. We operate in a dynamic market, in which legislation and regulations and the raw materials market are in a constant state of change. An environment of that kind demands reliable players. Players who are not only specialists but also partners. A partner who supports you every step of the way with clear answers to all your questions. So that we jointly accept the responsibility to make our sector successful. Because, that's what drives us.

Health issues need a rapid response. At Twilmij we can often answer your urgent questions on the same day. How? Thanks to our commitment, combined with more than 50 years of experience and our extensive knowledge of animal nutrition. We share the same goal as you; using high quality feed to enable animals to perform optimally in terms of growth, health and productivity.

At Twilmij we produce around 3000 different recipe formulations driven by demand. Each specific demand entails a new recipe, a new solution. And if there is no ready-made solution, we like to interact with you to find the answer. We join forces with our mother company DSM, the world's largest and most reliable vitamin developer and manufacturer. We believe in sharing knowledge. And share our knowledge with you.

New legislation? Scarcity of raw materials? Rising prices? Our branch is increasingly dynamic in character. Our answer: flexibility. That's why we continuously invest in innovations that optimise business processes and efficiency.

We respond to market developments and our high-tech factory complies with the latest standards for production, safety, quality assurance and hygiene. That equips us to deal with every request.

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