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Twilmij project partner in European project ''Hatchery of the Future''

tue 24 apr 2018

Twilmij is participating in the ERDF project ''Hatchery of the Future'' with the development of ''early feeding'' solutions for chicks. The objective of this project is to come up with a fully integrated and sustainable hatchery solution, which responds to the current public requirements. Pas Reform, a specialist in technical development of hatchery technologies, is the project leader for ''Hatchery of the Future''.

For this project, Twilmij works on the development of a dietary supplement for day-old chicks, which can already be administered in the hatchers on hatchery level. Unique to this composition is that it offers a two-in-one solution by using hydrogel technology. Since 2006, Twilmij has been building up the necessary "early feeding" experience with their AfterEggFood product.

The ERDF (OP) East Netherlands programme is a joint subsidy programme of the European Union and the Dutch provinces of Overijssel and Gelderland to stimulate economic development. ERDF invests in innovations that contribute to environmental (e.g. lower CO2 emissions) and profitability for companies in the East of the Netherlands.