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TWILMIX Pig Premixes

The granule that makes the feed right

The TWILMIX Pig Premixes for pigs contain vitamins, minerals and trace elements on a carrier. They are available for various categories of pig.

The TWILMIX Pig Premixes supply the needs of different categories of animal. Twilmij’s Nutrition department maintains its knowledge in this area in cooperation with suppliers, manufacturers, research institutes, universities and laboratories.

Piglets 1% in feed for piglets and pork pigs up to 12 weeks
Prenant Sows 0.5% in feed for sows in young and breeding gilts
Lactating Sows 0.5% in feed for lactating sows
Fattening Starter 0.5% in starter feed for pork pigs
Fattening Basic 0.5% in transition and fattening feed for pork pigs

Code: 03B0136 Piglets 1% 03Z0325 Sow Gestating 0.5% 03Z0334 Sows Lactation 0.5% 03V0071 Starter Pigs 0.5% 03V0082 Finisher 0.5%