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Support of health and intestinal health in the laying hen

Intestinal disorders in laying poultry are often summarised by the term chronic gut inflammation or chronic enteritis (CE). It is certain that not every thing is yet known about the causes of CE. From autopsy investigations it emerges that the contents of the first part of the small intestine are altered; there is also intestinal damage, caused by proliferation of all kinds of bacteria.

The syndrome in a problem flock reveals itself in the form of excessive feed consumption, a poorly maintained laying curve, poorer plumage and a worse condition of the hen. The economic damage for the laying poultry farmer as a result of poorer technical results and increased losses (after 40 weeks) may be up to €2 per hen! Intestinal disorders are also manifested in a more subclinical form resulting in reduced damage for the poultry farmer.

The feed measures offering the best perspective are aimed at combating the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria (organic acids and etheric oils), healing of intestinal tissue (yeast extract, vitamins and trace elements) and the support of the immune system (refined yeast cell walls). Twilmij has tested a number of these feed measures in practice and has combined them into the product TWILMIX CE.


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