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Good eggshell quality is of essential importance to the egg-producing and processing chain. From the time of laying through to use by the consumer, the eggshell must remain intact.

Due to the risk of microbial contamination and/or decay, eggs with a poor shell quality are not sold as eggs for consumption, but go to the egg-processing industry. Particularly for the organic farms a large devaluation.

An impaired eggshell quality is mainly caused by a reduced capacity of the intestinal cells to absorb calcium. This may be a consequence of reduced functioning of the gut cells, as a result of age and/or gut infections. Besides it is not easy to control egg weights in organic laying hens because of feed composition.

The choice of ingredients fit for organic is limited. Probiotics affect the intestinal flora and thus the conditions for mineral absorption. Some vitamins and trace elements are involved in the formation of collagen (in both bone and eggshell).

For (organic) problem flocks (e.g. with reduced intestinal health) and/or older hens (over 70 weeks), Twilmij has developed TWILMIX Eggshell ECO.


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