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TWILMIX Eggshell Senior

For older hens

Good eggshell quality is of essential importance to the eggproducing and processing chain. From the time of laying through to use by the consumer, the eggshell must remain intact.

For brood eggs there is a clear relationship between breaking strength and chick vitality at hatching. Particularly for older hens (>60 weeks) it is difficult to manage eggshell quality. Despite a sometimes still-excellent production, the poultry farmer is sometimes obliged to cull the flock due to the shell quality.

In older hens, a poorer eggshell quality is mainly caused by a reduced capacity of the intestinal cells to absorb calcium and to form collagen for the shell membrane. It emerges from research that this problem can be obviated through the use of L-calcium pidolate, a calcium salt of pyroglutamic acid.

TWILMIX Eggshell Senior is a new supplementary premix for laying poultry to a Twilmij recipe that can be used most beneficially to keep the laying percentage and breaking strength up to the mark.


Code: 03E0811